Korean Student Association

This year I was able to join Korean Student Association again. I have enjoyed all the events they have had. We ate lots of yummy food and played fun games. I can not wait for next semester because I plan to dance for Korean night again and there will be even more fun events too.


Improvements in Japanese

I have been learning Japanese since last year. I have wanted to learn Japanese since I was 11 so, I am happy to ne learning it now. I really enjoy watching old Japanese music shows but I haven’t been watching them lately because I have neen busy and also because I have watched all the ones with subtitles and I wasn’t able to understand without subtitles. But lately I have tried to watch un-subtitled ones and I can actually understand most of it. Of course I can’t understand all of it but I can say I understand about 75% of it. I never thought I would be so good at Japanese in just a uear and a half but I am so happy that I am. I hope to go to Japan soon and I will actually be able to communicate in Japanese.

International Bazaar

I went to the International Bazaar on the South Oval. It was very fun. I got to try Baklava for the first time and it was very yummy. I also got to show off my Korean writing skills that I learned in Korea this summer which was really cool. There was also face painting and cool performances from many international organizations. My favorite performance was from the Angolan Student Association. Sadly I couldn’t stay long because I had a lot of classes that day.

추석 Chooseok Korean Thanksgiving

September 14-16 was Chooseok, It is one of the largest and most widely celebrated holiday in South Korea where families come together and thank their ancestors for the abundant harvest. This year Korean Conversation Club had an event to celebrate it. At this event we had yummy Korean food and played games and made rice cakes. They say if your rice cake is ugly then your daughters will be ugly. We also learned more about the holiday.

K-pop Party

At the beginning of the semester there was a K-pop party that was hosted by Korean Conversation Club. It was very fun since I don’t really listen to American music so I got to dance to music I actually like. It was nice to meet new people who have similar interests as me and was a great way to start off the semester.

Something I learned from Korea

When I went to Korea I was super excited. I wanted to experience a lot of things. I also wanted to learn a lot of things like about the language and the culture. And while I did learn those things I learned something I didn’t expect to. I learned what it is like to be an international student. Here at OU I am involved with a lot international student groups and it’s fun to talk to them and see what they do differently. But when you’re on the other side it is completely different. Being in a new country is fun but you don’t realize how much harder it is to be in a different country until you are there especially if you are not to good with the language. Just paying for something was a little confusing because I wasn’t familiar with their currency. And you don”t realize how much international students rely on you until you are one yourself. I was assigned a KNU buddy when I got there but he wasn’t very helpful and because of that things were really hard. I didn’t know how to unlock my door and I didn’t know that if you took your key out of the key slot all of the electricity in your room would shut off. And just the way their culture is set up can really throw you off and make you feel like a dumb foreigner ecause you don’t know how they do things. But it helps you learn to adjust. And now going through this experience it makes me want to help international students even more.

5 things I love about Korea

1. Public transportation
The public transportation in Korea is very efficient and clean. And it’s pretty cheap too! I wish we had this in Oklahoma because I can’t drive and so that would make life a whole lot easier.

2. The food
I’m not a fan of spicy food and Korea is known for their spicy food. But despite all of that I was able to find good food that my taste buds could handle.

3. The clothes
I love Korean fashion because it is so cute! And being in the country of it’s source is amazing. Also, it’s cheaper to buy it in Korea and you don’t have to pay for shipping.

4. Skincare
Like mentioned before it’s a lot cheaper to buy it from its source. And they give you free samples!!!! Tons of free samples!!!!

5. The cafes
There are cafes everywhere in Korea. And they all have such good food and drinks. Also they all have free WI-Fi. And good WI-Fi at that. Not only that but they have cool themed cafes like the Hello Kitty cafe, the pet cafes, they even had a raccoon cafe!

Eve of Nations

This year I also performed at Eve of Nations. My friend who is president of JSA asked me and my friends if we wanted to perform a traditional Japanese dance. We of course said yes!! The dance was really hard!!! I also was in the fashion show for Japan. I got to wear a pretty kimono!!! The event was nerve-wrecking but fun!!!13029570_10154205982176542_3321618304189203354_o 12888537_1040549176039091_4848191567486458220_o 12961331_1040550812705594_6196804398380332441_o

Korean Night

This year was my first time going to Korean night. I have been looking forward to it ever since last semester when I found out about it. I really wanted to perform a dance to a K-pop song. So, I asked my friends if they wanted to do it and they did. It was so much fun!!! It took a lot of practice but, we pulled it off.  I hope to perform again next year. 

Korean Conversation Club

My international group for this semester was Korean Conversation Club. We met every week to learn Korean and to play fun traditional games. They also had other fun events that had to do with Korean culture and had yummy food. Next year they are even having a K-pop club party which I am really excited for.