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International Bazaar

I went to the International Bazaar on the South Oval. It was fun! There were many international groups there. I got yummy Japanese snacks from the Japanese Student Association booth. They also had kimonos you could try on. I also visited the KSA booth and talked about Korean culture. I didn’t stay for long though because it was cold.

Chinese Lunar Moon Festival

I went to the Chinese Lunar Moon Festival in Wagner Hall. It was really fun! They had a presentation of the tradition of the festival and they played traditional Chinese music. And they also had moon pies!! I was really excited because I have always wanted to try moon pies. It was really yummy.

My Fears About Studying Abroad

In class we talked about our fears of studying abroad. I don’t really have any fears about studying abroad. All my fears are very minor but, I guess I do have a few. My first one would be, since I’m very tall and I want to go to Asian countries will I get stared at and how low are the doorframes and ceilings. Also, will the subway handles be too short for me. Will I be able to find clothes and shoes that will fit?  Another concern of mine is, earthquakes. I want to go to Japan but, hey have a lot of earthquakes. I have a fear of them because they’re unpredictable, you never know how big they’re going to be and I’m not used to them so, I know nothing about earthquake safety. Also, Japan is a archipelago so they’re surrounded by water, which makes them prone to tsunamis too. And if I’m on the beach when a earthquake happens I don’t think I would be able to react fast enough and run. Another fear is the language barrier and being able to make friends. I’m already awkward enough in my own language so, can you imagine me in another language. And, what of I accidentally say something really offensive, that would be terrible. My last fear would probably be how to cope with homesickness. I know I would really miss my parents and my dog. Plus, I’m an only child so my mom would be so worried. And then when I would call her I would hear the sadness in her voice then I would be sad. But, all that aside I know I will have a blast when I finally get to study abroad.

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My First Semester

My first semester went pretty well. I had a lot of fun and made lots of friends. I was able to get settled in here and I feel like I actually know what I am doing instead of being a noob. But, I didn’t do too well in my classes. I have a procrastination problem so, I got behind in my classes. I really enjoyed this class. It was very refreshing and easygoing. It was also very interesting to learn about other people’s experiences. I thought it was very useful to hear others stories about studying abroad so, I have an idea on what to expect. I joined a few clubs and they were very fun. I also went to a lot of events that were really interesting. My favorite part of this semester was definitely finding friends that I can be myself with and my least favorite would be how stressful it can get when you realize how far you have gotten behind. This semester has been stressful but good. Next semester I plan to get more involved. I am going to dance at Korea Night and I’m going to learn Korean at Korean Conversation Club. I also plan on taking more hours and I am going to try to stay on top of things. I hope to get involved with more international organizations and to go to more Global Engagement events.

Digital Story

I enjoyed doing the digital story. It was really fun looking for the right pictures and music to make your story interesting and to see your story come to life. I have learned a lot of things from Rachel’s visits like how to do animations and transitions. I think I can use this knowledge for other school projects and for things unrelated to school like, if I wanted to make a story of my history for a family reunion. I think it is very useful knowing how to use this software because many other video editing software programs use these tools. Also, I like how you can show off your personality and creativity through this project. But, I don’t want to show my video in front of the class. It is kind of embarrassing and I am pretty nervous about it. I don’t really think my actual story is that good or interesting. I wish we just had to turn it in and it is graded from there but, sadly I am going to have to face my fears and show it to the whole class. Although I guess it will be fun to see other people’s videos but also nerve-wracking because I get to see how bad mine is compared to others. Hopefully some people like it though.




In class we had a choice of four different charities we could give a donation of $100 to. Whichever charity had the most votes would get the donation.

I think Give Directly should get the 100 dollars because the direct recipient can choose how the money is spent. This is good because they know what is the most important thing for them. Also, recipients can invest in the cash transfers which can increase their income in the future. It also has a great impact on children. The health of children increase with the cash transfers including increases of height and weight, and decreases of low birth weight and HIV infection rates. Now you may think that the poor would spend the money on things they don’t need like drugs or alcohol but studies have shown that is not the case and that it has no correlation or a negative correlation. The recipients can collect the cash transfers quickly and easily and they understand the policies of these cash transfers. All of these examples is why I think they should get the money.

International Groups

The international groups I am most interested in becoming involved with is the Japanese Club, OU Cousins, and the Korean Student Association. I am interested in the Japanese Club because I want to practice the language and to make foreign friends. I am interested in OU Cousins because I want to make foreign friends and be able to bond with them. And for the Korean Student Association I also want to make friends in that club too and also I want  to learn Korean. I don’t know if this club will help but maybe I can make friends with some Korean speakers and they can at least teach me some basic phrases. I also joined the Korean Student Association and Japanese Club is because I wanted to find people who like K-pop and J-pop. I think I will be able to find what I am looking for because there are many friendly people here and I have already been able to make foreign friends and found people who like K-pop and J-pop. Also, some of my foreign friends already said we can practice language with each other. Learning Korean though may be hard because there isn’t offical Korean classes but hopefully I will find someone who can help me out. But, I am just happy to be able to make friends and to finally find people who have the same interest as me because before I felt like the only one in this state that liked the things I like.

Study Abroad

I want to go to South Korea, Japan and maybe China. I want to go to those places because I love most traditional Asian places. I don’t really know what I want to study there yet but, I plan to make friends and to go to as many places as possible to become more culturally immersed in these countries. These plans have not changed since I enrolled and I can’t wait until I am able to go to these places.

Japanese Club

I chose  to join Japanese club. In Japanese club we meet every Tuesday and Thursday and speak in Japanese. It is really helpful and fun. I chose to join Japanese club because I am taking Japanese so I want to practice and to make friends with international students and talk about Japanese culture. I have done many things with them such as having a sukiyaki party (traditional Japanese hot pot) and a movie night. I hope to do lots more with them in the future.

Lunar Moon Festival

I went to the VSA Lunar Moon Festival in September. They had origami and henna tattoos. They also had yummy Vietnamese food. Later in the night they had performances hosted by Mr and Ms Asian OU. At the end of the night they had the traditional lion dance. I have wanted to see the lion dance since I was a little girl when I saw it on Sagawa so I was really happy that I went.