5 things I love about Korea

1. Public transportation
The public transportation in Korea is very efficient and clean. And it’s pretty cheap too! I wish we had this in Oklahoma because I can’t drive and so that would make life a whole lot easier.

2. The food
I’m not a fan of spicy food and Korea is known for their spicy food. But despite all of that I was able to find good food that my taste buds could handle.

3. The clothes
I love Korean fashion because it is so cute! And being in the country of it’s source is amazing. Also, it’s cheaper to buy it in Korea and you don’t have to pay for shipping.

4. Skincare
Like mentioned before it’s a lot cheaper to buy it from its source. And they give you free samples!!!! Tons of free samples!!!!

5. The cafes
There are cafes everywhere in Korea. And they all have such good food and drinks. Also they all have free WI-Fi. And good WI-Fi at that. Not only that but they have cool themed cafes like the Hello Kitty cafe, the pet cafes, they even had a raccoon cafe!

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