My Fears About Studying Abroad

In class we talked about our fears of studying abroad. I don’t really have any fears about studying abroad. All my fears are very minor but, I guess I do have a few. My first one would be, since I’m very tall and I want to go to Asian countries will I get stared at and how low are the doorframes and ceilings. Also, will the subway handles be too short for me. Will I be able to find clothes and shoes that will fit?  Another concern of mine is, earthquakes. I want to go to Japan but, hey have a lot of earthquakes. I have a fear of them because they’re unpredictable, you never know how big they’re going to be and I’m not used to them so, I know nothing about earthquake safety. Also, Japan is a archipelago so they’re surrounded by water, which makes them prone to tsunamis too. And if I’m on the beach when a earthquake happens I don’t think I would be able to react fast enough and run. Another fear is the language barrier and being able to make friends. I’m already awkward enough in my own language so, can you imagine me in another language. And, what of I accidentally say something really offensive, that would be terrible. My last fear would probably be how to cope with homesickness. I know I would really miss my parents and my dog. Plus, I’m an only child so my mom would be so worried. And then when I would call her I would hear the sadness in her voice then I would be sad. But, all that aside I know I will have a blast when I finally get to study abroad.

One thought on “My Fears About Studying Abroad

  1. Those are all very natural fears. I think it’s funny how you talked about your height, and being afraid of short doorframes and other objects! I don’t think that’s something anyone has to deal with in the United States.

    Something I thought was really unique, though, is your fear of natural disasters that come from visiting a foreign place with a totally different geographical perspective. I hadn’t thought about this as I was addressing my own fears; the threat of earthquakes, tsunamis, and all those other things. However, imagine how a foreign-exchange student feels when they’re visiting Oklahoma! Tornadoes? That must be a terrifying idea for someone who has never been in one. Luckily, though, just as we know how to handle our severe weather, the Japanese can probably handle their earthquakes and stuff pretty well, and I’m sure you’ll find lots of help along the way!

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