Something I learned from Korea

When I went to Korea I was super excited. I wanted to experience a lot of things. I also wanted to learn a lot of things like about the language and the culture. And while I did learn those things I learned something I didn’t expect to. I learned what it is like to be an international student. Here at OU I am involved with a lot international student groups and it’s fun to talk to them and see what they do differently. But when you’re on the other side it is completely different. Being in a new country is fun but you don’t realize how much harder it is to be in a different country until you are there especially if you are not to good with the language. Just paying for something was a little confusing because I wasn’t familiar with their currency. And you don”t realize how much international students rely on you until you are one yourself. I was assigned a KNU buddy when I got there but he wasn’t very helpful and because of that things were really hard. I didn’t know how to unlock my door and I didn’t know that if you took your key out of the key slot all of the electricity in your room would shut off. And just the way their culture is set up can really throw you off and make you feel like a dumb foreigner ecause you don’t know how they do things. But it helps you learn to adjust. And now going through this experience it makes me want to help international students even more.

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